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Expert Carpet Cleaning for Business Offices ?>

Expert Carpet Cleaning for Business Offices

Every business must maintain a professional image to make a good impression on clients. The carpets in your office or business premises will taint your image as a professional business if they are dirty and stained. The commercial cleaning services will keep your office carpets clean portraying your business in a positive light and providing a clean working environment.

High customer traffic to your business offices also means a lot of dirt being tracked in. Factory offices could have less client traffic but there is still significant dirt and grime from chemical residues, oils, and metal/plastic particles which could wear out the carpet and pollute the work environment.

You may not be too concerned about the look of your office carpets, however, the rest of the employees and clients are conscious about their working environment.

Regular vacuuming alone is not sufficient

If you have a contract with a cleaning service to vacuum your office weekly or once every fortnight it is a great start. However, you need more than just regular vacuuming to get rid of dirt and grime from your carpets. Besides vacuuming you need to have the carpets professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. If your office carpet has not been cleaned for more than a year then you need to set up a commercial cleaning service appointment.

The office carpet withstands high traffic (clients & employees) compared to a carpet in a residential household that withstands the foot traffic of a few family members. The traffic during working hours is constant and the dirt and grime tracked in will penetrate deep into the carpet if not collected by the vacuum.

The carpet wears out prematurely as the abrasive particles are grind deep into the fibers. The stains from regular spills and oil residues become deeply set in. If this trend continues the dirt and stains will become noticeable clients. The appalling state of your carpet will begin to reflect negatively on the image of your business. Your clients and employees will have a bad impression of your organization.

Without expert commercial carpet cleaning your office carpets will continue to deteriorate even with regular dusting and emptying of the trash by the cleaning service. When the office carpets are well maintained the employees will notice and take the initiative to preserve the cleanliness of their personal spaces.  

Maintain Healthy Office Environment

Regular vacuuming can neither pick up all the debris nor get rid of spills and oily residues. Besides that, it cannot act on the growing mold and bacteria that can be harmful to health. Dirty carpeting is a haven for bacteria and viruses, it can contain thousands of bacteria per SQ. inch. If your office carpets are not expertly cleaned then it increases the likelihood of your employees or clients catching an illness.  

The carpet will also accumulate allergens and odors that can only be eliminated through deep expert carpet cleaning. Applying the air freshener does not remove the allergens and odors, it only covers them.

Maintain a healthy office environment through periodic commercial carpet cleaning.