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Expert Carpet Cleaning for Business Offices

Every business must maintain a professional image to make a good impression on clients. The carpets in your office or business premises will taint your image as a professional business if they are dirty and stained. The commercial cleaning services will keep your office carpets clean portraying your business in a positive light and providing a clean working environment.

High customer traffic to your business offices also means a lot of dirt being tracked in. Factory offices could have less client traffic but there is still significant dirt and grime from chemical residues, oils, and metal/plastic particles which could wear out the carpet and pollute the work environment.

You may not be too concerned about the look of your office carpets, however, the rest of the employees and clients are conscious about their working environment.

Regular vacuuming alone is not sufficient

If you have a contract with a cleaning service to vacuum your office weekly or once every fortnight it is a great start. However, you need more than just regular vacuuming to get rid of dirt and grime from your carpets. Besides vacuuming you need to have the carpets professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. If your office carpet has not been cleaned for more than a year then you need to set up a commercial cleaning service appointment.

The office carpet withstands high traffic (clients & employees) compared to a carpet in a residential household that withstands the foot traffic of a few family members. The traffic during working hours is constant and the dirt and grime tracked in will penetrate deep into the carpet if not collected by the vacuum.

The carpet wears out prematurely as the abrasive particles are grind deep into the fibers. The stains from regular spills and oil residues become deeply set in. If this trend continues the dirt and stains will become noticeable clients. The appalling state of your carpet will begin to reflect negatively on the image of your business. Your clients and employees will have a bad impression of your organization.

Without expert commercial carpet cleaning your office carpets will continue to deteriorate even with regular dusting and emptying of the trash by the cleaning service. When the office carpets are well maintained the employees will notice and take the initiative to preserve the cleanliness of their personal spaces.  

Maintain Healthy Office Environment

Regular vacuuming can neither pick up all the debris nor get rid of spills and oily residues. Besides that, it cannot act on the growing mold and bacteria that can be harmful to health. Dirty carpeting is a haven for bacteria and viruses, it can contain thousands of bacteria per SQ. inch. If your office carpets are not expertly cleaned then it increases the likelihood of your employees or clients catching an illness.  

The carpet will also accumulate allergens and odors that can only be eliminated through deep expert carpet cleaning. Applying the air freshener does not remove the allergens and odors, it only covers them.

Maintain a healthy office environment through periodic commercial carpet cleaning.

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Are Solar Panels a Worthwhile Home Improvement Project?

Solar Panels in WinnipegThe impact a home improvement project will have on the resale value of your home over the next year or decade will determine whether it is worthwhile. A kitchen or bathroom renovation is considered the smartest way to boost your home resale value. Nonetheless, with the rising energy costs installing solar panels and making your home energy sufficient will boost the value of property significantly. A solar panel home improvement project has been found to increase the property resale value by over 20%. Potential home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with a solar PV system.

It is important to understand to understand the cost of installing a solar PV system compared to other home renovations to determine whether it is a worthwhile investment. After subtracting the tax rebates and incentives a 6-kW solar PV system will cost about $15,000. At the time of resale, the homeowner will be able to recoup much more than the cost of installation. The same cannot be said about most home improvement projects. You will recover about 80% of the total cost of a minor kitchen remodel and a little over 60% for a bathroom remodel. It is only a solar panel home improvement project that provides homeowners with over 50% more than the total cost of installation.

Why are potential home buyers willing to pay more for a home with solar PV systems?

The energy costs have always been on the rise and potential homeowners are looking for ways to bring down or eliminate their energy costs by moving into a home powered by solar panels. According to Powertec Solar, solar panels will generate free and clean electricity for the next 25 years and more saving you from huge energy bills. What’s more, solar energy is clean and does not rely on fossil fuels that are a major pollutant.

As a homeowner who is mostly interested in boosting the home resale value, you need to know that solar will also help you make huge monthly savings on your energy bills. The money you save from reduced electricity bills can be invested in other valuable home improvements such as replacing kitchen countertops or buying stocks.

Paying for a solar installing upfront can be challenging due to the huge cost. However, there are numerous solar financing options available and they attract low-interest rates with no down payment. Solar panels can be installed quickly compared to other home improvements that could take months. This means you can start making savings and enjoy cheaper energy as soon as the solar PV system is up and running.

In order to get the most out of your solar PV system installation, you need to consider several quotes from multiple reputable contractors. Determine how much savings you will make from your solar installation and compare with the available quotes to settle on the best offer.

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Take Off The Heat With Shade

Vertical or horizontal type window blinds deal effectively better in summer heat reduction compared with its winter heat loss capability. It is a good home improvement choice.

Making it difficult to control loss of heat in the window blinds found interiorly is due to the numerous openings between slats. Yet slats offer flexibility in the summer. Adjustments are possible in the slats to control light and ventilation unlike shades. A reduction by 45% in heat gain comes from highly reflective blinds when a sunny window is lowered or better, completely closed. And on a light colored ceiling, they can be adjusted to reflect and block direct sunlight. This light colored ceiling will use light diffusion without getting too much glare or heat.

Usually made of vinyl, steel, wood or aluminum are exterior roller blinds. Mounted above windows and guided by side channels acting as guides when lowered or raised. In meeting of the slats once lowered are they able to provide shade. When partially raised, the blinds let in air and daylight to enter care of the windows.

Window Treatments and Coverings

In desiring energy saving, one may choose different treatments for windows or covering. Done not only for beautification purposes, these treatments will be able to reduce loss of heat in the winter and gain of heat in the summer. These are not effective though in air leakage reduction or infiltration. To reduce air leakage, one has to request for weather-stripping and caulking in and around windows.

3b9dbbe5-0cd7-419b-8af6-dda0ee9d61f7One example is window shades. These can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by more than 50% on windows which are south facing. West facing ones may see more than 70% reduction. Shades can be used to cover one window. Shades can be custom made to cover an entire area or side of your homes.

Most shades in the past were done with metal or canvas. These options needed to be redone every five to seven years. Nowadays, shades are done using fabrics like acrylic and polyvinyl laminates. As they are synthetic, they are water repellant and mildew resistant. The treatment done is also fade resistant. If you would, choose ones which are opaque and woven tightly fabrics. More sunlight is reflected with light colored ones.

Trapping Hot Air

Ventilation is required for shades to keep hot air in becoming trapped. This happens a lot in windows as they end up altogether if there is no proper vents for the heat to escape. Eyelets or grommets are used for ventilation and are found along the sides and tops of shades. Venting hot air is necessary either through the sides or top openings.

In winter, you can roll up shades which have retractable or adjustable properties. By letting the sun’s warmth into the house, you end up achieving the purpose of sun heat loss or gain respectively. Making the rolling up easier is the presence of the hardware like lateral arms.

During summer heat, south facing windows get effective shade by utilizing properly sized and installed overhangs in the roof. Overhangs allow sunlight to get through in the windows during the winter if they are properly oriented. In turn, these provide adequate warmth inside the house.

Consider Couple of Factors

Though tricky, the orientation of the overhang has to be considered along with its construction. One must take into mind the following factors, considered passive solar design items, to ensure maximum benefit.

imagesFactors include latitude or depth from ground as the higher it is the more complex construction is required. Climate is also a consideration as well as transmittance of solar radiation. These two require the construction to be sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Lastly, the levels of illuminance and the sizes and types of windows are both determinants of the heat that will be absorbed.

It is better to be mindful of overhangs before or while it is under construction. It makes it easier to incorporate into home designs. The addition of an overhang may be difficult and at times possible to do for an existing home.

Panels which are lattice type, patio covers which are louvered may be alternatives. These alternatives may be better and easier.